Three Ways to Protect International Employees

Many large companies have workers scattered across the globe. Protecting these employees can be a challenge, but things like foreign voluntary workers’ compensation are a great way to start. Here are a few ways to protect your employees.


The insurance firm Moody states that employees are a company’s most important asset. Employees can fall ill or become injured on the job and need medical attention. A workers compensation plan for foreign workers can help them pay those bills.


Have the human resources department work with key strategic players to address workers’ needs and rights while overseas. Even short-term trips need special attention to keep workers safe. The department should look at travel, risk management and security plans.


There are many things out of the control of both the worker and the company when out of the US. An effective risk management plan assesses the potential dangers and threats to the personnel while there. Then steps should be taken to mitigate those risks to keep the worker safe. The plan can include emergency reaction training and keeping track of employees.

These are but a few of the ways companies can help keep their workers safe. A foreign voluntary workers compensation policy works similarly to a traditional workers comp plan but handles those claims made overseas.

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