Tracking Potential Customers via Social Media Sites

December 17, 2013

Insurance Social Media Social media has becoming an increasingly important part of any sizeable company’s marketing and outreach efforts in the past decade. People are still coming to grips with the myriad uses of social media platforms for a business setting. It can help in marketing, demographic research, and continuing customer outreach. Having at least one insurance social media account is now essential for best business practices.

Getting Data on Your Website and Blogs

An insurance social media expert can track customer activity on your social media pages and website. This can bear fruit in multiple ways. First, you can see trends on the social media site as it relates to your company website.

  • Track the number of visits, and how often those people click on a particular post.
  • Track time readers spent on a particular post or page
  • See what links to other are effective

When you have links to other sites, you can get data about which ones are most helpful. This can even be to your own blog. With this data available, you can see what works and what doesn’t work and respond accordingly.

Sharing information with potential Customers

Regular Google Plus or Facebook posts are great ways to establish an insurance social media presence as a way to channel information to potential customers. If they are already on a particular social media site, when they look for information on insurance, you are more likely to get page visits from them. If you have compelling articles or blog posts, you can get concrete information about your unique policies across to prospective clients, rather than having to do a hard sell.

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