Try Human Slingshot Ride To Spice Up Your Adventure Trip

November 18, 2014

The ups and downs in life are quite normal. To make it interesting, do it speedily! The human slingshot does the same to make its rider have fun through it. Swing on air is a dream of adventurous people and the slingshot makes it easier. Currently it is one of the essential parts of an adventurous tour plan. So, trying it once and flying above hundreds of feet from the ground will get the foremost priority during the trip.

Watch The Real Action:

When a person enjoys on the air with strapped elastic ropes, you cannot watch his/her facial expressions. So, you have to try the slingshot ride once to find the real thrill. Every second spent on air will be unforgettable for the rider. The high definition cameras without slow motion capturing feature fails to record the real action. Capturing these wonderful moments and watching it creates a sensation in the mind of the rider.

Experiencing the Human Slingshot Ride:

This kind of bungee jump activity planned to get plenty of fun and entertainment. The manufacturers of these adventurous stuffs are more focused towards the safety of the rider. So, there is no risk to ride a slingshot and feel the G Force on your body. The rider first strapped with elastic ropes which are connected to the bungee poles. Using the pulley and cord, the elastic rope pushed downside towards the ground. Then the rider launched to the air at a speed of 100 kmph or more.

The speedy shifting of the rider’s body position puzzles the sense of balance. In few seconds, the body starts reacting such as an amplified heart rate and contraction of the stomach muscles. The rider feels his/her body incredibly heavy. It happens as g-forces push the body and the blood in the opposite direction. To supply oxygen and blood to the brain, heart operates too fast.  Vomiting or faintness like situation may arise due to the interim chemical imbalance in the body.

Feel Like a Bird:

The rider is now swinging above the ground with the elastic ropes. On every flip, the rider gets an untold pleasure. Rider experiences a free fall with the gravity force when acceleration through the bungee cords stops. With a weightless body, rider enjoys the awesomeness of the human slingshot.

For a Safe and Fun-filled Human Slingshot Ride:

Helmet and eye protection are the accessories for a human slingshot rider for the safety. The manufacturers are selling the slingshot mechanisms in the market with proper safety guidelines. Currently this thrilling activity is counted as an essential part of every adventurous trip plan. At beach side, wide open hillside grounds and big amusement parks you can experience these activities.

Nowadays, you can wish to install a bungee ride at your own place. Different sizes and variants are being available in the market. Both kids and adults without any formal training can enjoy the human slingshot ride. The setup and maintenance cost is affordable so you can install it for your private use also.

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