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Understanding Florida Workers Compensation Law

The state of Florida requires employers to obtain worker’s compensation insurance for all of their employees. The state provides few exceptions and requires FLDFS proof of coverage to operate. There are a few things you need to know about the law.

Included Benefits

The workers’ compensation policy should include death, medical expense and disability benefits for employees. The law establishes how much compensation employees should receive following a workplace injury, illness or death.

Filing Approvals

All worker’s compensation insurance insurers are reviewed by the overseeing office. The application can be denied in part or in full for failure to meet the applicable requirements. The insurer filing may be subject to a public hearing or have the filing disapproved by the office. It is important for insurers to provide a policy that meets the law for businesses to use for their employees.

Database Search

The state has a searchable database for worker’s compensation through the Department of Financial Services. The experts at understand the usefulness of being able to track the company’s worker’s compensation policy in the Florida system. You can also discover new exemption status during your search.

The state requires FLDFS proof of coverage for worker’s compensation insurance. Unless exempt, it is essential businesses make sure they are complying with the law.

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