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What Is Maritime Employer’s Liability and Why Is It Important?

A job working on or near the water isn’t your average nine to five. Maritime work comes alongside its share of unique perks and advantages for sure, but it comes with industry-specific risks as well. It’s imperative that maritime employers protect both themselves and their employees with comprehensive insurance coverage, up to and including maritime employer’s liability insurance.

Maritime Employers Liability Insurance Definition

As defined on, maritime employer’s liability (or MEL) insurance provides industry-specific protection for maritime employees who are injured, harmed, or taken ill while working. In short, it’s a lot like the standard worker’s compensation coverage you’re already familiar with but upgraded with the unique needs and concerns of maritime workers in mind.

Do You Need MEL Insurance?

MEL coverage is not required on either the state or federal level. However, anyone in the maritime industry should seriously consider getting it anyway. Among other things, MEL insurance protects your company no matter where your team may happen to be working on a given day, as it covers team members working on other vessels in addition to your own. This makes it an especially smart consideration for companies that handle:

  • Scientific marine or maritime work.
  • Drilling projects.
  • Construction or repair of seagoing vessels.
  • Much more.

Speak to a maritime insurance expert today about your needs and get the coverage that’s truly comprehensive today.

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