Intermediate Care Facility

Why Choose an Intermediate Care Facility

When you first hear about it, you might ask yourself what is an intermediate care facility and what do they do? If you or a family member is disabled, injured, or elderly, this type of facility may be a necessary part of their healthcare. You need to know what they are when one is appropriate, and what they are designed to do.

What Is an Intermediate Care Facility?

An intermediate care facility is a facility that provides more care than is available at home. They are the bridge between the hospital and a home environment.

When Is One Appropriate?

An intermediate care facility is appropriate when a patient does not need the full resources of a hospital but still needs medical care. Another definition is a facility that helps those who are dependant on hospital care transition to being independent. There is no firm definition of intermediate care, and a doctor or medical team usually determines the need for it.

Who Can Use an Intermediate Care Facility?

Anyone who needs more than a home care environment can provide but is not ill enough to need hospital care. This includes those who have undergone surgery, an older adult coming out of the hospital, and those who have a disability and need to learn home skills.

Intermediate care facilities are a way to help people fully recover after a hospital stay. There are currently no limitations on what this type of facility can provide.

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