Portable Sanitation Is Safe

Why Portable Sanitation Is Safe To Use During the Pandemic

The pandemic has left people questioning the safety of things they once took for granted. Some are reluctant even to use portable toilets, worrying that doing so may increase their likelihood of contracting COVID-19. Here are four reasons portable sanitation is actually a safer option than standard public restrooms.

Frequent Cleaning

Before the pandemic, companies followed OSHA guidelines and cleaned portable sanitation units once per week or every 200 uses. Most have increased this rate, making porta-potties cleaner than many public restrooms.

Less Crowding

It is impossible to social distance inside a crowded bathroom that contains multiple stalls, a row of sinks, and a line of people waiting. Using a single-occupant portable facility guarantees that each person has adequate space.

No Flushing

Flushing a toilet sprays an aerosol of fine droplets of toilet water into the air. Because public toilets usually do not have lids, there is no way to avoid the spread of harmful pathogens.

Virus Killing

The blue chemicals in the bottom of a porta-potty kill germs on contact. This is a much safer system than maintaining contaminated water in a toilet bowl.

Nowhere on earth is completely immune from the coronavirus. However, using a portable restroom is generally considered safe, and is not an activity that should cause concern.

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