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Your Workers Comp Questions Answered

No matter what industry you work in, there are probably laws in place to protect workers. In almost every state, those include workers’ compensation insurance. Despite its prevalence, many people still have questions about what workers’ compensation insurance is and what costs it will cover.

What Is Workers Comp?

Commonly referred to as workers comp, this insurance helps cover expenses in the event of a workplace injury.

What Does It Cover?

There is a wide range of coverage options, but most workers comp policies cover medical, legal, and care costs associated with an accidental injury at work. They can also replace lost wages due to that injury.

Are There Exclusions?

Although coverage is fairly broad, there are some common exclusions to workers’ compensation insurance. These include:

  • Accidents as a result of drug or alcohol use
  • Intentional injuries
  • Injuries that are the result of violations in company policy

Who Pays for Workers Comp Coverage?

Employers are responsible for covering the cost of coverage for workers. While rules vary on who must carry insurance against injuries, nearly every state mandates workers comp coverage.

What Steps Can Help Lower Coverage Costs?

The cost of your coverage will be based on factors such as business size and your industry and loss history. According to the experts at, you can manage the cost of coverage that you offer by reducing risk within your company.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a necessity for most businesses. By covering expenses associated with accidental injury, it is a key part of your risk management plan.

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